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I trade the markets and write articles to help others understand the concepts and experiences of trading stocks and FX. 
To succeed in anything,
never stop learning. 

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Dreaming of becoming a successful trader? This book shows you the steps that will allow you to turn part-time trading into a successful income stream. 


Available now on Amazon and your favourite book website. 

"This book gives clear description of how to select shares that match the Guppy method. Focused on seeking out the best performers. It then gives practical examples of where to buy and then when to exit. A very practical guide".         - Peter Aubourg


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"Great book to understand trading setup based on GMMA indicator. Highly recommended".    - Brader Kutty

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"A fantastic read.... I read it cover to cover in 2 days. It was also a great introduction to FX analysis techniques which I haven’t ventured into as yet. Your book really reinforced Daryl’s concepts."  - Steven. L

"...your book has turned up from Amazon. I am halfway through it. Really enjoying it, fighting with the wife because she wants to read it as well. Not letting her till I finish."  - Maurie S

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