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About me


I'm an internationally qualified Technical Analyst who trades stocks and foreign currencies. I hold a Certified Financial Technician designation (CFTe), a Graduate Certificate in Applied Finance and Investment as well as a degree in Commerce. 

In 2020, I was the Sydney Chapter President of the Australian Technical Analysts Association.

For many years I've been a regular contributor to The trading articles I write explain trading concepts and experiences in an easy to understand format. I have published articles in Your Trading Edge and Stocks and Commodities.

My background in design makes my work stand out, resulting in clear charts and visually appealing slides. These tools are used to demonstrate trading concepts clearly in my analysis, writing, presentations and actual trade examples.

In 2020, I transitioned from writer to presenter sharing my work in monthly webinars. I designed every webinar with the interests of the audience in mind. My creative content ideas were well received as demonstrated by the consistently high number of attendees.


Believe it or not, some of my best ideas are conceived while swimming laps at the local pool.

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